Do you have a retirement strategy?  Do you know how much you need to save to retire with your planned income?  Which vehicle(s) fits best with your plan?  Does your strategy include a guaranteed income stream for life?  Do you want to pay higher or lower taxes when you're on your fixed income?  Developing a strategy is complicated.  Let's ask the right questions together to work on your retirement.

Diversification is a very useful strategy for protecting your savings.  Most folks have heard of having a mix of safe, moderate, and risky assets (vertical diversification), but a less common approach also employs pre- and after-tax assets (horizontal diversification).  Of course, diversification cannot assure a profit or protect against a loss. The example below illustrates one way horizontal diversivication can have a positive impact on your retirement income:

2 Ways to Withdraw $100,000 of Annual Income in Retirement - Withdraw $100,00 from IRA or 401(k) or Withdraw $50,000 from IRA or 401(k) and $50,000 from life insurance (after-tax)